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The films marked with # are short reviews embedded in collection posts about particular genres. Scroll down to find the review.

12 Angry Men by Lumet
# 2001: A Space Odyssey by Kubrick (Science Fiction)
400 Blows by Truffaut
# 42nd Street by Bacon (Musical Films)
# Ace in the Hole by Wilder (Classic Noir)
Adventures of Robin Hood with De Havilland
African Queen by Huston
L'Age d'or by Bunuel (Classic Cult Films)
# Alien by Scott (Science Fiction)
All About Eve by Mankiewizc
All Quiet on the Western Front by Laemmle
# Alphaville by Godard (Science Fiction)
Amelie by Jeunet
# American in Paris by Minelli (Musical Films)
And God Created Woman by Vadim
And the Ship Sails On by Fellini
Antoine and Colette by Truffaut
Apartment by Wilder
Arroseur arrose by Lumiere Bothers
# Asphalt Jungle by Huston (Classic Noir)
# Audition by Miike (Cult Films)
Awful Truth by McCarey
Baby Face with Barbara Stanwyck
Bakery Girl of Monceau by Rohmer
# Ball of Fire by Hawks (Screwball)
# Band Wagon by Minelli (Musical Films)
# Basic Instinct by Verhoeven (Neo-Noir Films)
# Battle Royale by Fukasaku (Cult Films)
Battleship Potemkin by Eisenstein
Bed and Board by Truffaut
Belle de Jour by Bunuel
# La Belle et la Bete by Cocteau (Classic Cult Films)
Big Lebowski by the Coen Brothers (Cult Films)
# Big Sleep by Hawks (Classic Noir)
Bitter Tea of General Yen by Capra
# Blade Runner by Scott (Science Fiction)
# The Blob by Yeaworth (Science Fiction)
# Blonde Crazy by Del Ruth (Pre-Code Films)
# Blood Simple by Coen (Neo-Noir Films)
# Bluebeards Eight Wife by Lubitsch (Screwball)
Blue Velvet by Lynch (Cult Films)
Body Double by Brian De Palma
# Body Heat by Kasdan (Neo-Noir Films)
Boudu Saved from Drowning by Renoir
# Bound by Wachowski (Neo-Noir Films)
# Bride of Frankenstein by Whale (Classic Cult Films)
Brief Encounter by David Lean
# Bringing Up Baby by Hawks (Screwball)
Broken Blossoms by Griffith
Carrie by De Palma
Casablanca by Michael Curtiz
Caught by Ophuls
# The Cell by Sungh (Science Fiction)
Claire's Knee by Rohmer
Coffy by Hill (Cult Films)
La Collectionneuse by Rohmer
Contempt by Godard
Confidentially Yours by Truffaut
# Cover Girl by Vidor (Musical Films)
Crimes of Passion by Russel (Cult Films)
# Criss Cross by Siodmak (Classic Noir)
Dames du Bois de Boulogne by Bresson
# Design for a Living by Lubitsch (Pre-Code Films)
# Detour by Ulmer (Classic Noir)
# Divorcee with Shearer (Pre-Code Films)
# D.O.A. by Mate (Classic Noir)
# Double Indemnity by Wilder (Classic Film Noir)
Earrings of Madame de... by Max Ophuls
# Easy Living by Leisen (Screwball)
# Easy Rider by Hopper (Cult Films)
Eyes Wide Shut by Kubrick
# Fahrenheit 451 by Truffaut (Science Fiction)
Fallen Idol by Reed
# Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! by Meyer (Cult Films)
# Femme Fatale by De Palma (Neo-Noir Films)
Flesh and the Devil with Greta Garbo
# The Fly by Cronenberg (Science Fiction)
# Footlight Parade by Bacon (Musical Films)
# Forbidden by Capra (Pre-Code Films)
# Freaks by Browning (Classic Cult Films)
# Free Soul by Brown (Pre-Code Films)
# Funny Face by Donen (Musical Films)
# Gay Divorcee by Sandrich (Musical Films)
# Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Hawks (Musical Films)
# Gilda by Vidor (Classic Noir)
Girl Shy by Harold LLoyd
Godfather by Coppola
# Gojira (Godzilla) by Honda (Classic Cult Films)
# Gold Diggers of 1933 by LeRoy (Musical Films)
Gold Rush by Chaplin
Graduate by Nichols
Grand Illusion by Renoir
Great Dictator by Chaplin
# Hands Across the Table by Leisen (Screwball)
# Harold and Maude by Ashby (Cult Films)
He Who Gets Slapped by Sjostrom
# High Society by Walters (Musical Films)
# His Girl Friday by Hawks (Screwball)
Holiday by Cukor
# Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Siegel (Science Fiction)
IT (Clara Bow) by Badger/Sternberg
# It Happened One Night by Capra (Screwball)
# I Wake Up Screaming by Humberstone (Classic Noir)
# Jackie Brown by Tarantino (Neo-Noir Films)
Kind Hearts and Coronets by Robert Hamer
# Klute by Pakula (Neo-Noir Films)
Lady Eve by Preston Sturges
# Lady from Shanghai by Welles (Classic Noir)
Lady Killers by Mackendrick
# Last Seduction by Dahl (Neo-Noir Films)
Last Year at Marienbad by Alain Resnais
# Laura by Preminger (Classic Noir)
Letter from an Unknown Woman by Ophuls
Little Buddha by Bertolucci
Liebelei by Ophuls
Love in the Afternoon by Rohmer
# Love Me Tonight by Mamoulian (Musical Films)
Love on the Run by Truffaut
# Maltese Falcon by Huston (Classic Noir)
Marnie by Hitchcock
MASH by Altman
# Memento by Nolan (Neo-Noir Films)
# Midnight by Leisen (Screwball)
# Midnight Mary by Wellman (Pre-Code Films)
Miracle of Morgan's Creek by Sturges
Miss Pettygrew Lives for a Day by Nalluri
# Mulholland Drive by Lynch (Neo-Noir Films)
# My Favorite Wife by Kanin (Screwball)
My Man Godfrey by Gregory La Cava
My Night at Maud's by Rohmer
My Uncle by Tati
Night at the Opera with the Marx Brothers
# Night Nurse by Welman (Pre-Code Films)
Night of the Hunter by Laughton
# Night of the Living Dead by Romero (Classic Cult Films)
Nights of Cabiria by Fellini
Ninotchka by Lubitsch
# Nothing Sacred by Wellman (Screwball)
Our Man in Havana by Reed
# Out of the Past by Tourneur (Classic Noir)
Page of Madness by Kinugasa (Classic Cult Films)
# Palm Beach Story by Sturges (Screwball)
Passage to India by Lean
Passion of Joan of Arc by Carl Dreyer
Peeping Tom by Michael Powell
Phantom Carriage by Sjostrom
# Philadelphia Story by Cukor (Screwball)
# Plan 9 from Outer Space by Wood (Classic Cult Films)
Platinum Blonde with Jean Harlow
Pretty Baby by Malle
Prisoner of Zenda with Colman
Pulp Fiction by Tarantino (Cult Films)
Rear Window by Hitchcock
# Red-Headed Woman with Jean Harlow (Pre-Code Films)
Red Shoes by Powell & Pressburger
# Rings on her Fingers by Mamoulian (Screwball)
# Rocky Horror Picture Show by Sharman (Cult Films)
La Ronde by Max Ophuls
Sang d'un poete by Cocteau (Classic Cult Films)
# Scarlet Street by Lang (Classic Noir)
# She Done Him Wrong with Mae West (Pre-Code Films)
Shop Around the Corner by Lubitsch
Show Girls by Paul Verhoeven (Cult Films)
# Silk Stockings by Mamoulian (Musical Films)
# Singin' in the Rain by Donen (Musical Films)
# Skyscraper Souls with O'Sullivan (Pre-Code Films)
Smiles of a Summer Night by Bergman
# Solaris by Soderbergh (Science Fiction)
Something Wild by Jonathan Demme
Spy Who Came In From the Cold by Ritt
Stolen Kisses by Truffaut
# Story of Temple Drake with Hopkins (Pre-Code Films)
La Strada by Fellini
Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder
Suzanne's Career by Rohmer
# Sweet Smell of Success by Mackendrick (Classic Noir)
Tarzan and his Mate with O'Sullivan
Terminator 2 by Cameron
That Obscure Object of Desire by Bunuel
Thin Man by Van Dyke
Third Man by Reed
Tillie's Punctured Romance with Chaplin
Titanic by Cameron
# Total Recall by Verhoeven (Science Fiction)
Trip to the Moon by Melies
Tristana by Bunuel
Trouble in Paradise by Lubitsch
# Touch of Evil by Welles (Classic Noir)
# Wild Boys of the Road by Wellman (pre-Code Films)
Witness for the Prosecution by Wilder
Woman of Paris by Chaplin
You, the Living by Andersson
Zabriskie Point by Antonioni